Just a quiet evening

The amount of dynamics that secondlife offers has no boundaries however it is always one of us who with their talent and creativity adds to the beauty of secondlife on of them is the creator of Meshworx “Loz Hyde”. I am so happy to be a part of his review team as each of his creations depicts the amount of impeccable talent he has got and for me to portray his products is matter of pride.

So here it is one more amazing build ” The Aviary” by Meshworx which will be released in Fameshed for the month of May. The details in the build are amazing with two levels and the interior looks fantastic. I did some shots for you to have a brief idea of the build however i would suggest you to have a look at it once it is released because this build is one of a kind and will be hard to find an alternative for this one.

Thats all for the day guys, thanks a lot for watching and appreciating our posts and work

Just a quiet evening Ft Meshworx

 The Aviary By Meshworx @ Fameshed for the Month of May

WoodCroft Gazebo By DIGS



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