My Kinda Space

My Kinda Space

The whole setup is done in the {theosophy} Nicholaston Skybox, This amazing skybox is only 36 in prims and comes with a HUD to customize the textures within. The textures are well detailed and its not closed in like a typical skybox, one of the reasons why i didnt use curtains as i wanted to show the windows and the details in the build.


DIGS – Swain Living Room Set
{theosophy} Ceredigion Chandelier (Black/Gold)

DIGS – Briggs Dining Set – White/Dark [MESH]

DIGS – Keene Home Office -Full [MESH]
TA Hanging Chair
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wine Rack End Table
TA Panorama Telescope
+CONVAIR+ Modern Rug


DIGS – Aisling Bedroom Set



Maya’s wearing:

The Annex – Enchantment Sleeping Beauty ( gown, head wreath and slink high heels) @ Enchantment Event May 1st 2014

The Annex – Sleeping Beauty Pose Prop ( 3 poses + mirrored versions) @ Enchantment Event May 1st 2014

[LeLutka]-BLAKE hair/Dark Brunette


Sleeping Beauty-final

Enchantment Guide

1. Buy one of the items marked as “enchantment stamp included” in any of the 20 participating stores.

2. You get a special stamp card with your purchase. Wear it.

3. Proceed to all 20 participating stores and touch the stamp machine.

4. Once your stamp card is full go to the prizes main location and redeem 1 card for ANY prize of your choosing.

Thats it! Have fun 🙂

Just a quiet evening

The amount of dynamics that secondlife offers has no boundaries however it is always one of us who with their talent and creativity adds to the beauty of secondlife on of them is the creator of Meshworx “Loz Hyde”. I am so happy to be a part of his review team as each of his creations depicts the amount of impeccable talent he has got and for me to portray his products is matter of pride.

So here it is one more amazing build ” The Aviary” by Meshworx which will be released in Fameshed for the month of May. The details in the build are amazing with two levels and the interior looks fantastic. I did some shots for you to have a brief idea of the build however i would suggest you to have a look at it once it is released because this build is one of a kind and will be hard to find an alternative for this one.

Thats all for the day guys, thanks a lot for watching and appreciating our posts and work

Just a quiet evening Ft Meshworx

 The Aviary By Meshworx @ Fameshed for the Month of May

WoodCroft Gazebo By DIGS



Dearly Routines

“Days would sometime start a little later than others but nonetheless it would seem early enough not to miss the time reserved for two. They never missed a day over tea in the small garden on the side of the villa, sharing glares over the vase and in between the tiny branches, smiling innocently, smurking devishly back and forth at each other. Giggles as the sugar is passed. Secretly conversing looking to see if anyone was around. Then after a couple of hours or so, standing holding hands, lingering pressing of lips as they depart without even saying bye. They just knew they see each other again, tomorrow.”

Daily Routines

Dearly Routines

:CP: Rainey Bistro @ The Season Story

DIGS – Woodcroft Gazebo – MESH (Available in 8 textures)



{anc} for Enchantment Sleeping Beauty Event (May 2014)
{anc} Aurorabed . 9Li
{anc} Auroraoperating light . 6Li
{anc} fairytailbook 4Li .no script and scripted

{anc} traytable.silver&black (Silver trays used in this decor)

Maya’s Wearing:
*LpD* – *Zena* Dress White (Mesh and Fitted Mesh)
. Liquence . – F8 in Blacks

Pose: {NR} Catching Sights


Sleeping Beauty-final

 May’s Enchantment-Participating Designers:

The Annex
anc Ltd.
Mina Hair
!bang poses
Violent Seduction