Secondlife has a lot to offer as far as one’s creativity is concerned. We as a part of this beautiful virtual world have made this blog with an intent to appreciate the amazing work put in by so many multi talented creators and showcase our little humble efforts as well that we intend to show to them.


Foxx Pawpad Aka Maya who is over 4 years old in this virtual world has been an avid participant is not only appreciating every aspect of aesthetics that secondlife has to offer moreover she has learned a lot herself with time and this world has become a part of her real life. Being her partner me “Sunnygeorge Resident” who is relatively new in this virtual world couldn’t help delving into this and its a joint effort of both of us to take our efforts to whole new level where we can contribute to this beautiful virtual world.


Every effort is appreciated and it will be a matter of pleasure to us to review your products as StyleQuotient Masters :p.

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