Kauna New Release

Hello Guys,

I fall short of words in my posts usually and often run away to put in too much words as i dont want to bug you guys with it however this time i cannot resist talking about this amazing collection of Tuxedo’s which Ross Mhyre from Kauna has released. The people who know him would not be really surprised with it as Kauna means quality and variety however for people who dont know i would suggest you to just visit the store once and check out what you get. The new tuxedo range comes with endless customizing options and its very evident that more options are there to follow. Starting from the Jacket to Bow tie’s to Cummerbund and Pants everything can be mixed and matched and fits perfectly.

If you guys really want to get your suave look this new year, dont miss this amazing collection. Its a must have for every guy of secondlife. I have put together some of the Kauna Pieces together to show off my Swag, go get yours. Cheers !!!
Kauna New Release


Me (Front)

Kauna Tuxedo White

Hoorenbeek Cambridge Boots

Argrace ARATA Black

Me (Back)

Kauna Tuxedo Jacket Silver

Kauna Black Pants

Hoorenbeek Cambridge Boots

Argrace Itsuki Black

Easy does it.

“Observing and commenting, it is a piece of cake.
Experiencing and sharing, that is a piece of work.” _Toba Beta

Easy does it.

Sunny wearing:

::GB:: Bicolor p Coat / Black
[ D I R V A L ] Sunglasses_MOB (ALL_IN_ONE)
Lucien.Marcelo // SLIM NAPPA JEANS “BLACK”
[Atro Patena] – Victor_Brown

Maya wearing:

Overhigh – Miguel Dress V.2 – Black
N-core OMEGA (Mesh)
TRUTH HAIR Harley – browns
MG – Bracelets and Earrings – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls – V1

Home is where the heart is..

Home is where the heart is...

 photo HeartHomes2_zps7ea45638.jpg

 photo HeartHomes3_zps9cec7db6.jpg

 photo HeartHomes5_zpse234cd7f.jpg

 photo HeartHomes4_zpse67543b7.jpg

< Heart Homes > “Winter Lovenest” Couple Home ( Open view of the outdoor scene, sweetly designed home with working indoor sauna. Decorated windows and trails of detailed leavy vines at the entrance and over porch pergola. Sucken living room, large bedroom with working fireplaces. Partial mesh and low in prims. Another lovely creation from the creators of Heart Homes. )

-Hanaya- White Berry Wreath (Mesh, with or without shadow)

Heart Homes > “Industrial” Couple Living Room Set ( In past posting )

A.V. Mont Blanc Rocking Chairs ( on the porch )


Le Bain

Heart Homes > “Le Bain” Bathroom Set ( Includes all the little decorations and details as seen in the picture, like a spa basket full of bathroom products, a lantern with a candle on/off, towels, hanged towel robe, bath accessories, toothbrushes holder, silver rug, iron frames, swan towels and more. Tender animations beautiful setup.)

Sunny Days…. Dream A While With Me

I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,
I dream of lightning, together we cry,

I dream of flowers, I feel such delight,
I dream of spiders, and I scream with fright,

I dream of fish, swimming in the sea,
I dream of sharks, coming after me,

I dream of lambs, frolicking around,
I dream of wolves, Hunting, no sound,

I dream of children, several of them ours,
I dream of them waking, Being up for hours,

Stay with me forever and together we’ll cope,
Because when I dream of you, I dream of hope,

Dream awhile with me and together we’ll see,
Not all dreams are bad, so dream along with me.
_Cathryn Martin

Sunny Days

Blueberry Phoebe *Mesh* Studded Shorts Denim Light

Blueberry Phoebe *Mesh* Cardigan with Vest White


Holly Jolly Xmas

Holly Jolly Xmas

MudHoney The Garden Dec 2013 ( Includes Neve Chair, End Table, Leg Lamp, in various
colors… also with Mirror and Rug)

[CIRCA] Pkg – “Holiday Heritage” – Fireplace Set (with mirror)
[CIRCA] – “Holiday Heritage” Gift Boxs
[CIRCA] – “Jolly” – Velvet Star Cabinet – Red & Gold Wood (includes Candles)
[CIRCA] – “Sherbrook” Christmas Console Table – Teal
[CIRCA] – “Blizzard Branch” Ornamental Wall Decor – Holiday
[CIRCA] – “Boudoir” Holiday Wreaths – Peacockery Turq/Green & Peacockery Gold
[CIRCA] – “Nested” Twig Mix – Pendant Lights – Birch Wood & Maple Wood
[CIRCA] – “Holly Eve” Stand-Up Mirror – Couples Gift / Berry
[CIRCA] – “Holly Holiday” Birdcage – Robin Pair
[CIRCA] – Holiday Poinsettia – Martini Stands
[CIRCA] – Holiday Poinsettia & Orchid – Water bowl – Reds (L)
[CIRCA] – “Woodlands” Winter Scene Box – Firs & Cardinal (L)

 photo circa_001_zpsf5e277eb.png

 photo circa_002_zps606372eb.png

[CIRCA] – POE6 Hunt – “Woodlands” Winter Campfire Gift Pictured inside of Winter
Wonderland Skydome, Celestial and Daylight.. (Snow man comes inside of the skydomes)

 photo circa_003_zps3d15e652.png