Picturesque Rising Landscaping

Hi Everyone,

Well… I don’t know how to go about my landscaping services and present this to you.  It has been 7 years that I’ve been in second life and if I remember it correctly I had a land on my second day of second life when I was trying to terraform, decorate it, buying trees houses and what not, needless to mention I was still running around with a default avatar.  This is how much I love to landscape.

Its been 6 years that I have been working for my friends in second life to decorate their land and fortunately I have always kept up to their expectations. It has never been commercial to me because landscaping is one of the major reasons I came to second life. From an urban theme, to a mystical forest or a hill station or maybe a country side farm and the list never ends, I’ve done it all.  This time with a little push from Sunny which is always the case I have taken a step ahead to offer my services to all you lovely people who appreciate my work.

As far as prices are concerned I cannot quote a price on it until the time I get to know what you desire. Landscaping is a very dynamic term and it includes a lot which I’m somewhat capable of, however to give you a general idea there is price list mentioned below. Please consider that the prices may vary from one project to another however the list mentioned below will be a standard for you to know a lump sum which might be required.

Full Sim (Full Prim): L$50,000

Full Prim (Homestead): L$30,000

Half Sim (Full Prim): L$25,000

Half Sim (Homestead): L$15,000 L

Room Decor: L$3000 Per Room

Small parcels can also be done.

Send a note card or message in world to Foxx Pawpad.

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