Review Policy



Thanks a lot for considering my blog for showcasing your product. Me and Maya truly appreciate creativity of every sort and trying to use our little skills in showcasing your products in the best possible way.


We do understand that there are norms that you follow as far as your blog policies are concerned but please do consider that if there is an overflow of commitments in SL or some products might not be portrayed by us in a nice way as every avatar has a style and we do too, rather than messing the blog up we would not do it. We try our best to blog every product we have been given however in few cases we might not choose to do so for both of our benefit.

I hope you will empathize with it. In order to have us blog for you, you can contact

Foxx Pawpad for Female Accessories, Outfits, House or Decor @ or send her a notecard inworld. If she is online please do IM her

Sunnygeorge Resident for Male Outfits and Accessories @ or contact me inworld through IM or Notecard

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