Feels like home

Greetings all.. Today I’m extremely happy about this post.  A few months ago when I began blogging I met an humble creator who at the first site of her creations an impression was made in an instant.  That impression had me and Sunny saying to each other, “Oh this creator will definitely excel in the virtual mesh market”… And as we expected, she has come along with yet again a beautiful mesh prefab. I would love to tell you of the this one in great detail but I will let the photos attached do it for me.  I wanted to show some of the features of the build that really caught my eye and gave me that warm feel of home and the name of the house is exactly what I thought when I saw it, Farmhouse.  Well I will stop rambling here and give you space to make your own decision.  Take care all until the next posting.

Feels like home

[Farmhouse – R – By Dorian]

 photo FH2_zps712087a0.jpg

 photo farmhouse_003_zps2c814bcd.jpg

 photo farmhouse_004_zpsc0efccc1.jpg

 photo farmhouse_002_zps0b6ebd2f.jpg  photo farmhouse_001_zpse9d7474b.jpg


100% Mesh, 112 LI, Copy / Mod / No Transfer
The 5 different colors will be sold separately, the price will be L$1500 but will be on sale for L$1199 for an probationary period.

Working Weathervane
House control with lockable doors / working lights / ceiling fan / security
Interior color change walls in every room via menu
Couples / Solo animations in the cushion on ground floor bedroom

“Life of the Gypsy”

Stay where there are songs. – Gypsy Proverb

"Life of the Gypsy"

Sunny Credits:

Fatewear Shirt – Joseph
Dura-Boy47 black
RO – Atlantis – Ahoy!

Maya’s Credits:

“”D!va”” Hair “Ange” (Onyx)
GizzA – Gypsy Set (includes: top, skirt, boots & tambourine with/without animation)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

Natsumi Credits:

*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash
GizzA – Gypsy Set  (includes: top, skirt, boots & tambourine with/without animation)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Deetalez Skin Gemma FRECKLES (Lips1) brown Eastern

Scarlet Creative for Scarlet Apple Remedy Natural Teal

“Strolling beaches, feeling the breeze.”

"Strolling beaches, feeling the breeze."


Maya’s Credits

Eaters Coma – HAIR 09 / MOCHA
(Yummy) Sunhat – White
MG – Earrings and Bracelets – Hampton Boho
MG – Necklace – Hampton Boho
.Birdy. Puggly {Elephant}
Blueberry Missy *Mesh* Knot Tied Tops & Dresses
Essenz – Geneva

Bauhaus Movement – Miriam A (slightly modified by the counter pose in the pug)

Rayne’s Credits:  http://www.raynemorgan.com/2014/03/everythings-easiest-with-you.html