An affection without name…

May the bridges i burn light the way...

::GB::Denim Fur Jacket (Belleza) Black @ Uber
HipHopJeans BOLD – Black – (Boot cuff) – REDGRAVE
[Z O O M] Grandmaster Glasses @ Mens Dept
{ Speakeasy } Cody Beanie BLK
{ Speakeasy } Cody Hair


Work hard for compliments, Don’t fish for it..

Work hard for compliments, Dont fish for it

Some creators in secondlife are remembered for the kind of work they have done and so is KalBack previously known as KalRau. He was gone for a while and has come back and we all guys know whats there to come so stay tuned with the KalBack Store because the best is yet to come.

Pose By: Nrage Studio Poses [M-GN Set]


no.match_ ~ NO_EFFECT ~ all COLORS
<kalback> Jeans Jacket
<kalback> Original Chino