Rulers do not follow rules

Rulers do not follow rules

Gabriel @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

::GB::Gladiator belt Black
::GB::Gladiator long shirt Black
::GB::Gladiator pants Black
::GB::Gladiator Shoulder fur / Black

Way Of The Ninja

Way Of The Ninja


PFC Ninja Boots, Bracers and Pants (Part of Ninja Outfit)
EF Black Phantom Mask
*Dura* DBG52 -Men’s Black
.:EMO-tions.. *TORUNN * Earrings and Necklace @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Starting August 8th)
Reckless Tattoo Conflicted
[BP] The Keeper Ultra Rare @ FGC (Starting August 8th)
[BP] War Fans @ FGC (Starting August 8th)