Meet Symon

Meet Symon


Hey guys how are you all doing, first tell me how do you like the avatar up there lol, its for the first time that i have personalized so much with a sl skin in secondlife. This skin by Hermony “Symon” is the Latest release by Hermanni Laville. Though we have seen in the past what he can do with his new range of skins as far as details, realism and the options that he offers with male skins but this is my personal favorite and would strongly recommend you to check this out. The skin package offer several eyebrow options with body and facial hair and the details in the skin is one of the best in secondlife. Go for it guys this is one of the best you will have in your inventory.

What i am wearing

~Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlocks series – Monk Hair (unpacked)
UNISEX[MANDALA]ONLIEST_Necklace_set_All colors* @ TMD
Reckless Buddhism Tattoo Faded

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