The place i thought of…

The place i thought of ....


There is endless talent in secondlife and everytime i go to these big events i tend to encounter with one, i had yet another experience with this epitome of elegance in the Home and Garden Expo, home and garden expo is on 9 sims so i was pretty much tired and was about to tp away until i looked at this and stayed there wondering to myself “i thought i know all the home and decor creators” laugh*.

This build is made by someone one who i have not ever heard of however i want you guys to know this creator as this masterpiece is beautifully made and i am sure there is more to come.

“Maison D’ Ete” by Spargel and Shine homes is one of the best builds i found in Home and Decor Expo event, extremely detailed with two rooms and beautiful architecture including fireplace, drapes, scripted lights and nice textures, a package is there for the decor for the interiors too. Its a little high on prims however i can sacrifice on that considering the details this build brings. Go check it out yourself to know what i am talking about

“Maison D’ Ete” By Spargel and Shine Homes

Fences By Dorian

Trees By Forest Floor


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