The Floria kind of bathroom.

It is a pleasure to post this addition to the Bazar‘s Floria Decor. Here is the Floria bathroom. Love the many texture options, giving you a variety to fit into any luxury decor. And like many of her many other sets, it is low in prims, with well made animations and rezzable setups.

 photo floria-bathroom1_zps02855a5f.jpg

 photo floria-bathroom2_zps400891ba.jpg

 photo floria-bathroom3_zps47b82a3e.jpg

(Some additional items from other Bazar Arizona Bedroom Decor were used in this setup. Shots were taken in the The Modena Luxury Home by Maven/Quantum Homes.)

My Love

My Love


Far Point . . .
It is there, where she watches
waiting for me
across time
across space
patiently waiting
knowing that one day
thru fate . . .
thru time . . .
despite all odds
the Fates will bring us together
and we will be joined
once again

On Sunny

::: B@R ::: Black Caster Outfit
[Tru] Demoness Horns
~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin Skin – Dark Creatures – 2 @ Fantasy Collective
~Tableau Vivant~ Sabahi Hair -Gents – @ Fantasy Collective

Style Quote

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”  ― Orson Welles

 photo is-this-song-for-you-1_zps449776d3.jpg

*Dura-Girl*52 FAT
MG – Necklace – Isis Solar Magic
[Cynful] The Valley Top – Pink
[Cynful] Eve Britches -Black [TS Special]
GeWunjo : RICO silver black belt
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant

 photo is-this-song-for-you2_zpscf4792ed.jpg

 [LeLutka]-SEIKO hair/Dark Brunette
MG – Necklace – Lyra Set ( @ Collabor88 )
MG – Bangles – Lyra Set ( @ Collabor88 )
Overhigh – Saoya Dress – Gray
Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Metal Snake ( @ Collabor88 )

 photo is-this-song-for-you3_zps01e1708f.jpg

>^;^CaTwA^;^  Mesh Stella V2 Hair
[Cynful]  The ‘Shimmy’ Top – Ombre Tan [TBS]
[Cynful]  Skinny Jeans – The Saturday Sale Special

 photo is-this-song-for-you4_zps2e2430c0.jpg

>^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Rosalina Hair
[R3] – Lyna Dress [V3]
GeWunjo : LISANNE gold earrings
GeWunjo : LISANNE gold opal necklace
N-core DONNA (Mesh) ( @ FaMESHed )

Spring Adorn

Hello Everyone,

I am extremely happy to blog this masterpiece made by charlotte this time “Catching Comets”, I have always been a scarlet creative fan specially the architecture of the houses however this time i must say, this is one of the best textured houses i have seen till now. The first thing that clicked my mind the moment i rezzed it was “DAMN This looks real”, Yes it looks real moreover the exterior design is very contemporary so putting it in a forest, snow, sand or any other landscape will not look off. Its extremely detailed and 110 LI which is really low.

Its a latest release in Collabora88 and you will not want to miss it. Why dont you check it out yourself !!

Scarlet Creative Catching Comets House @ Collabora88

Here are some more shots of interiors and exteriors. Tata and see you soon 🙂
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps1ce82d42.jpg

 photo Interiors_zpsb44105e3.jpg

Something more to think about…

“Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”
― Warren W. Wiersbe

“No one means all they says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.” ― Henry Adams

Something more to think about...

Eaters Coma – HAIR 22

Miamai_Vali Necklace

Miamai_Vali Shirt

Miamai_Vali Pants

[Gos] Boutique – Carrie Pumps – Patent

Pose by *PosESioN*

Location: Home of Sunny & Maya